Our passion for baking shows in the best tasting pastries, breads and desserts that we prepare fresh and serve every day to our valued customers. Our mornings start with careful picking of quality ingredients and seeing them combine into the dough, as we then set about the process of creating our signature French pastries and breads.

Each bread and pastry is rolled and hand cut by our dedicated team of bakers and chefs. And when the ovens are warm enough, we place each tray one by one, letting the dough breathe in the warmth and pass it on to the butter, cheese and sweet fruits that adorn it. The result- fresh, aroma filled goodness for your taste buds and heart to savour.

Located right at the crossroads of vibrant Kirkland neighbourhood, La Mande Bakery draws in customers every morning who love to start their day with a cup of our signature expresso and French croissants.

We are but a parcel of the social fabric of the community that we serve. Apart from supporting non-profit organizations, we donate our excess produce to organizations which see to it that the poor in Seattle don’t go hungry.